Meet Don Jowlz Fresh Off “The Khali Cartel”.

Don Jowlz’ first introduction to Khaligraph’s  fans was when the OG reposted the video of the freestyle he did for the Omollo Challenge late last year. The fans loved him and so did Khaligraph because he was chosen to be one of three rappers chosen.

“I was hesitant to participate in the Omollo challenge because I didn’t think Khaligraph would take his time to view my video, let alone get impressed so I submitted late,” explains Jowlz.

They did record the track and Jowlz thought that was the end of it until Khaligraph called him to feature on The Khali Cartel which would also feature Petra, Span KOB and Sagini, Khaligraph’s first signed act under his independent label, Blu Ink Corp. “I saw his potential and decided to put him on the track,” said Jones about Jowlz.
Fast forward to January 2018 and UnKut the Cypher appears on The Trend. He gets to be part of the Cypher alongside Breeder LW, Tonny Syumah and DJ Mandy who put on a good show but Jowlz’ performance wasn’t quite as stellar. Some of the fans weren’t impressed.

His verse on “The Khali Cartel” however, has given fans and foes a complete 360 on Don Jowlz. Who is he and where did he come from? Don Jowlz is a 20 year old rapper and singer born and raised in Mombasa. He owes his perfect diction to his mother who’s an English teacher and “would always teach me how to pronounce words right growing up,” he says.

When Khaligraph sent Don Span K.O.B’s verse to get the general direction of the track, the next day he was in the studio, recorded his and was about to leave when Khaligraph asked him to stay for Petra’s session. As the universe would have it, both Petra and Don Jowlz grew up in the same street in Mombasa and she knew his family!

Before The Khali Cartel, Petra featured on “Rider” which was well received. Her dominance on The Khali Cartel has fans losing their minds over her. So is Khaligraph planning to make more music with her because of the great reception by fans? “There is a lot of work involved behind the scenes to ensure that these songs sound great. I’m always doing my research and when I see someone with potential I pick them up and we figure out how to collaborate,” Khaligraph said, “I just want to work with these new young cats that are very talented.”

Khaligraph expressed his desire to work with TnT, the duo part of my top 10 new school acts last year . On his album “Testimony 1990”, Khali is working on a “high end invite only listening party”  before it is officially launched. The Khali Cartel, Khaligraph says, is the first single off the album.

Catch my short interview with Khaligraph here.

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