Let’s Talk Mental Health!

Mental health is perhaps one of the very many taboo subjects in Kenya and the world in general. In fact, there’s hardly any information on the subject. Because of this, very few people actually understand what mental health means and what to do with friends and family whose mental health is not at its best.

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral and emotional well-being. Simply put, it all boils down to the way we think, feel and behave. Truth be told, everyone’s state of mind will be off at one point or another. So how do you know if a loved one is just having a bad day or if they need serious help?

I won’t lie to you, I do not have all the answers. But perhaps, sharing what I know and have learned over the years will help shed some light. So buckle up and come with me on this journey as we try to understand mental health.

Let’s start with some introduction, shall we? Hello there, I’m Cheryl and for years I have been struggling with depression. I won’t say I have won the battle yet but I have survived every war so far. This is not easy; talking about it. In fact, I have thought about this first post for weeks. But I hope that someone somewhere will better understand what depression and mental health, in general, is all about. Feel free to leave a comment below and let’s start the conversation on mental health.

And if you are going through a rough patch, just hang in there, Love. Baby steps; one step at a time. Remember that your pain is valid too, no matter how small it may seem to others.

I hope to do a series of posts on mental health awareness. I believe it is time we talked openly about the issue. Hopefully, through this, we will get to a point where there’s no stigma around mental illnesses.

Till next time!


Sending love and light your way,





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  1. Go girl. I’m proud of you. Gold goes through fire to be refined.

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